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Missouri Master Naturalist: "Earth-friendly Education"

The Missouri Master Naturalist™ program is a community-based natural resource education and volunteer service program for adults, sponsored by the Missouri Dept of Conservation and the University of Missouri Extension.

The Springfield Plateau Chapter of the Missouri Master Naturalist formed in the Spring of 2006 with 28 graduating members.  To date, more than 150 volunteers have graduated the program.

For more information about the Missouri Master Naturalist program,
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Master Naturalists are available as volunteers for a variety of environmental/conservation projects.  Knowledgeable volunteers perform hands-on projects such as trail building, bird counts, stream monitoring and testing, native and threatened plant counts and rescues, as well as presentations and outdoor workshops on nature-related topics.  Educational and hands-on assistance is available to all age and grade levels


Nature Conservancy:  Dunn Ranch
Presented by Keith Bennett

Monday, March 20, 2023
6pm-8 pm
Meeting information:  Springfield Botanical Center and Zoom


**Note:  This will be the last scheduled meeting including the Zoom option.  Food will be provided.  Because we practice good stewardship of our environment, it is recommended that you bring your own reuseable tableware and utensils.  Don't forget a cup/glass from which to drink.
Join Zoom Meetings:  get link in Member's Only section
In light of the improved COVID-19 conditions, the Chapter's current stance on in person meetings/field trips and wearing masks is as follows:
In consideration of and respect for the health and safety of all Master Naturalist members, it is requested that a member stay home if you are feeling sick or have been in close contact with someone who is sick.   All of us have our own level of safety limits, based on age, risk factors and personal levels of risk tolerance.  Our Chapter is "mask friendly".  This is intended to meet the needs of all members who are free to decide on in person attendance with or without masks based on their personal judgment.

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