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Lake Springfield Boathouse Project 2019 Season

Summary of Boathouse Landscaping as reported by Richard C. Locke



We have planted 2850 plants (not counting shrubs) on the slopes...This does NOT include around the boathouse.  As of this week there are 1854 live plants (some barely alive);  Attrition rate has been 34.95%.


The #1 cause of attrition is DEER overpopulation; #2 is lack of water (7 weeks last summer with no rain); now no rain for 3 weeks.  I water about 4 hours per day but not really enough to make a difference. 

     The prairie restoration project has taken a lot of the deer pressure from the flowers and plantings on the slopes.  


Thanks for letting me get involved.  Thanks to Matt Coats and his willingness to let you get him on board.  Most of all THANK YOU (referring to Shae Johnson) for all your leadership and drive.  Thanks to the volunteers who have and are helping. 

Wildflowers at Lake Springfield

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