Missouri Master Naturalists

Partner with City of Branson for Monarchs

by Mona Menezes and Rose Atchley)  November, 2016


Master Naturalists Rose Atchley, Gala Keller and Sherryl Walker successfully applied to receive 200 milkweed plants from the Department of Conservation, which they planted on seven public properties for the City of Branson.   After creating a “Mayor’s Milkweed Demonstration (in photo, right)Garden” at the Branson Recycle Center, the Master Naturalists added milkweed to gardens at City Hall, Lakeside Forest Wilderness Area, and walking trails in Stockstill Park.  Other city facilities will be included in spring plantings. 


With the late fall warm weather, little green sprigs - signs of planting success – were poking thru the ground after planting the bare root plants of Butterfly milkweed, Swamp milk weed and common milkweed at Branson parks and trails.  Now that we have had a killing frost, they can sleep and grow over the winter to be ready for spring and the next wave of monarch flight and feeding.

 Six Master Naturalist came together for a big day of mass planting on city property, while other small garden plantings were being done by impassioned citizens.  Two of the Six Master Naturalists pictured are also Master Gardeners.  The dormant rootstock sent by the Missouri Department of Conservation was extremely large and healthy.  MDC is to be commended for the quality of the plants!  Looking forward to spring and new projects as well as caring for the plants put into the ground this fall.













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