Habitat, Environment, Resources, Outreach)


There is a wildy held belief among naturalists that today's children spend too much time indoors. In an effort to get upper-elementary aged children outdoors and engender excitement for the wonders of the natural world, Wildlife HERO (Habitat, Environment, Resources, Outreach) was created.


Wildlife HERO is a six-week after-school conservation program for students in grades 4 and 5. One day per week students meet for an hour to explore various aspects of the ecosystem and their roles in the environment. Participants take part in a mixture of activities, including keeping journals, creating crafts, conducting scientific examinations and simulations requiring physical movement and quick thinking.


At the end of the six weeks the students share what they've learned with the rest of the school in a showcase or assembly. The HEROs are always excited to share their accomplishments with their peers and teachers!


The Wildlife HERO participants enjoy this program and look forward to the next one!



Our mission is to engage people in the stewardship of our state's natural resources through science-based education and volunteer community service.


1. Improve public understanding of natural resources ecology and management by developing a pool of local knowledge about natural resources ecology that can be used to enhance education efforts within local communities.


2. Enhance existing natural resources education and outreach activities by providing natural resources training at the local level, thereby developing a team of dedicated and informed volunteers.


3. Develop a self-sufficient Missouri Master Naturalist volunteer network. 

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