Winter Sowing: How To


Winter Sowing is a method by which to plant seeds all winter long without taking up space inside your house, and without the need for lights or supplemental heat. This is a popular method because the success rate tends to be high and the seedlings–healthy.


This "Winter Sowing" technique is especially useful for starting native plants from seed. But can also be applied to perennial vegetables, and can work for annuals as well. It's a good way to start plants for our Master Naturalist Plant Sale, and for yourself.


Download the Winter Sowing Handout which will tell you what you need to know. 


Have fun!


Download this Winter Sowing Handout with "How To's", plant lists, and internet resources.


Watch the video that shows you the hardy plants that result from this technique.

Winter Sowing Internet Resources:


SOGC Winter Sowing Handout 2015: Download


Winter Sowing: (menu at bottom of page)


Winter Sowing Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]:


Native Plant Database » Grow Native:


Winter Sowing Discussion Group (Very Active):


Winter Sowing Photos:


YouTube: (search for “winter sowing”)


Download: Butterfly Garden How To Brochure



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